AI-MK350-Spectrometer FAQ

Top Frequently Asked Questions of portable handheld spectrometer AI-MK350

Q:1 How long can I use after AI-MK350 spectrometer  battery  is fully charged?

A1: AI-MK350 spectrometer  battery can operate 5 hours after fully charged. 

Q2:  How many colors were computed for AI-MK350 CRI value?

A2:  MK350(N) is the average of R1 to R8, Formula:Ra = (R1 + R2 + R3 + R4 + R5 + R6 + R7 + R8)/8, MK350S shows individual value of CRI from R1-R15

Q3:  Is there any international certification for AI-MK350?

A3: Yes, UPRtek MK350 and MK350S have CE, FCC and ITRI(equivalent  to NIST) international certifications, also they were tested by Gamma Sci according to NIST Standard.

Q4:  Could  AI-MK350 measure the UV or IR Spectrum?

A4: This handheld   spectrometer AI-MK350 is designed for Vis-light only, the measurement range is 360 ~ 750nm. You will need other model spectrometer to test UV and IR spectrum.

Q5: Could AI-MK350 measure other lighting source such as fluorescent lamps ?

A5: Yes, you can, but the model AI-MK350 is specially designed and calculated for LED /OLED lights, we do not guarantee the accuracy  for other lighting source, but tested data is good enough as a reference.

Q6:  What is the function of Dark Calibration? Do I need to do Dark Calibration every time when spectrometer  powers on ?

A6:  It is also called Zero Calibration. The environment temperature changes will affect the measured results. It is recommended to do Dark calibration before measurement, which can increase the measurement accuracy.

Q7: Why CCT shows different when testing the same light at different position?


A7:  Since handheld spectrometer is operated at open environment, the CCT reading is affected by  location and direction of meter to light source(Point A and Point B will have different values), Ideally, center of light (point B) will give consistent and accurate result.

Q8: What distance from the light source is better?

A8: From 0.5-2 feet, depends on brightness of light source, lower brightness, closer to light to avoid other light source interference.

Q9: Why your low LUX reading is 70LX, high LUX is 70,000LX?

A9: When measurement is in low lux situation(about below 7 lux), the spectrum  background noise will affect the spectrum value(like x,y), we setup 70LX as the lowest level to ensure spectrum with minimum of noise. 

The auto judge exposure time function(at setting) is the key to avoid overexposure; thus, take the auto motion could prevent overexposure issue. 

Q10: Can it be used in bright sunlight and sunset ourdoor spectral analysis such as in open air or greenhouse?

A10: Yes, check picture below, three show spectrum in sunshine, incandescent bulb, led bulb.


 Q11: Do I need additional analyzing software for this spectrometer?

A11: It is not necessory, MK350 and MK350S are designed for Standalone use, bmp(image) and Excel format data are very easy to convert and form a lighting data report though microsoft office software. By using Excel data, you can draw chart, pie and other diagram easily, CIE x, y, u, v, values are also displayed in output.

If you need more complex function, MK350S comes with a free PC software, MK350 has a WIFI+software kit sold separately.

Q12: What is different between MK350(N) and MK350S

A12: Check here for comparison 

Q13: Can I test PPF value by this spectrometer?

A13: MK350S only has PPFD or PAR (uMole/M2s) function, click here for details.  


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